Map of Looting in Ferguson, Missouri Since the Death of Michael Brown

On August 9, 2014 an 18-year-old teenager named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The incident has sparked passionate demonstrations in the town of Ferguson; this unrest has taken the form of peaceful protests, vandalism and looting.

SigActs - Ferguson, Missouri Looting Map

Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri with a population of 21,000 residents. Click on the map above to access an interactive map of the businesses looted in Ferguson, Missouri since the shooting of Michael Brown.

Reporting on the unrest has been carried by many local, national and international media outlets. Dispatches from Ferguson have explored the Michael Brown shooting as it relates to the issues of police use of force, the role of military-grade equipment in local law enforcement and racial diversity in the criminal justice system.

Bridge Protest in Ferguson, Missouri

“Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” has become the mantra of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

While these political and sociological issues will take time to play out and reach resolution, the economic impact of the unrest in Ferguson is much more immediate. The map below shows 20 local stores (represented by red circles) that have fallen victim to looting and vandalism in and around Ferguson.

SigActs - Map of Businesses Looted In Ferguson, Missouri

A Google Earth screenshot looking North at West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson Missouri. Businesses that have been vandalized and looted are represented by red circles.

Most of the affected locations are retail establishments along West Florissant Avenue, and they represent a mix of national chains and independent businesses. Even after protests subside, residents will struggle to establish access to goods and services while these businesses work to rebuild, restock and reopen.

Click Here to Access An Interactive Map of Looted Businesses

Harnessing the power of SigActs Pro, we are able to look beyond the headlines and images to better understand the unrest in Ferguson. Seeing reports of looted businesses displayed geographically on a map is a powerful way to understand the extent of the looting, and the impact to the community of Ferguson, Missouri.

SigActs Map Of Looting In Ferguson, Missouri

Click on the image above to access an interactive map of the businesses looted in Ferguson, Missouri since the shooting of Michael Brown.

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