News At A Glance – Making SigActs Headlines Visual

At SigActs we continuously track reporting from over 8,000 different English language news outlets. This gives us a large amount of data to analyze, and incredible insights into what is being reported around the world.

We are always experimenting with new ways to bring relevant slices of this news data repository to our readers and customers. This week we are excited to launch a visual headlines project to provide illustrative snippets of useful information about breaking news.


A SigActs visual headline image about a hazmat incident in Rhode Island on 7 August.

Each visual headline is an image that depicts information about a particular news report. At a quick glance you can expect to see:

  • The report headline
  • The date of the report
  • The primary location relevant to the report
  • SigActs categorization of the report
  • A logo depicting the source of the report
  • A short link to the source news item

The goal of this project is to give decision makers the ability to quickly evaluate a headline and act on the information presented.

SigActs Visual Headline

A SigActs visual headline image about a bomb threat in Utah on 7 August.

We are using Pinterest, and it’s platform for visual bookmarking, to share this current event reporting. We have set up, and begun to populate, Pinterest boards for each of the major reporting categories that SigActs monitors. This gives you a convenient way to visually peruse information about breaking news from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

SigActs on Pinterest

SigActs is regularly publishing a sampling of visual headlines to Pinterest.

In the weeks ahead we will be ramping up our social media efforts and pushing more visual headlines to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. We also have future plans to bring visual headlines to wearable devices like smart watches and Google Glass.

Your feedback is always valued and appreciated, so please let us know what you think!

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