Almighty Dollar – Dollar Tree to Acquire Family Dollar – Mapped

On July 28, 2014 bargain-basement retailer Dollar Tree announced plans to acquire their competitor Family Dollar for $8.5 billion. Headlines about this major purchase were carried by a variety of local and national news outlets.

News Outlet Headline
Bloomberg Businessweek Dollar Tree Agrees to Acquire Family Dollar for $8.5 Billion
Charlotte Observer Charlotte Region Loses Corporate Headquarters in Family Dollar Buyout
ABC News Dollar Tree (DLTR) Buying Family Dollar (FDO)
Wall Street Journal Battle for Poor Shoppers Fuels Dollar-Store Deal
NBC Charlotte (WCNC) Dollar Tree buying Matthews-based Family Dollar for $8.5B

At SigActs we are always interested in the geospatial aspects of breaking business news, and we were curious about what the Family Dollar retail footprint looks like on a map.


Family Dollar Store in Charlotte, North Carolina

Based on our research, we identified 8,136 Family Dollar stores in the United States (as of the time this post was published). At the $8.5 billion purchase price, the acquisition deal averages to $1,044,739 per store.

The intensity map below clearly shows that Family Dollar has a large presence in the United States along the East Coast and in the Midwest.


SigActs Heat Map of Family Dollar Stores

With all of the Family Dollar stores plotted in SigActs Pro, we can ask interesting questions about the data to understand where the company has the most concentrated retail presence. Below is a breakdown of the five U.S. states with the most Family Dollar stores.

Five U.S. States with the Most Family Dollar Stores
State Number of Stores
Texas 1034
Florida 603
Ohio 477
North Carolina 419
Michigan 416

SigActs Pro also allows us to drill down into the data to see the distribution of Family Dollar stores in any major metropolitan area. Below is a snapshot of Family Dollar Stores in and around Las Vegas, Nevada.


Family Dollar Stores Near Las Vegas Nevada

Another interesting way to analyze this type of point data (each retail store represented as a single point) is to see how many stores are within a given radius around a variety of U.S. landmarks. The table below shows how many Family Dollar stores are within 10 miles of a few notable U.S. attractions.

Family Dollar Stores Within 10 Miles of U.S. Landmarks
Family Dollar Stores
Within 10 Miles
Willis Tower
Chicago, Illinois
Empire State Building
New York, New York
AT&T (Cowboy’s) Stadium
Arlington, Texas
New Orleans, Louisiana
The White House
Washington, DC
Las Vegas, Nevada

At SigActs we believe that behind every headline there are interesting aspects of geography, and we have developed sophisticated methodology to understand where events are being reported. We would love to help you visualize where news may have relevance to the places on the Earth that are important to you, your customers and your business!

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