Fuselage Derailment Update: Precise Incident Coordinates

By the middle of last week, Montana Rail Link had the last of the railcars carrying Boeing fuselages removed from the Clark Fork River.

Linda Frost, spokeswoman for Montana Rail Link, was able to provide precise coordinates for the location of the derailment via email.

Latitude: 47.012175°
Longitude: -114.687067°


(a screenshot from Google Earth looking East over the derailment location)

Click here to visit see the point of the derailment on a Google Map.

Location accuracy and the precision of a geocode are interesting topics, and excellent fodder for a future blog post. At SigActs we use a variety of algorithmic methods and human-led research to pinpoint where news events are happening. The table below shows how we used relative location descriptions and finally an authoritative email from Montana Rail Link to accurately share the location of this derailment.

Source Article Strongest Location Signal
Last derailed Boeing 737 fuselage removed from Clark Fork near Alberton “Clark Fork near Alberton”
Montana crews try to recover Boeing fuselages from river bank “Clark Fork River in western Montana”
Derailment cleanup continues through the week “Clark Fork River between Alberton and Superior”
High-demand jetliner parts among casualties of derailment near Alberton “a couple of miles west of the Fish Creek exit”
Train derails west of Missoula, spilling airplane parts into river “Alberton Gorge section of the Clark Fork River between St. John’s and Tarkio Fishing Access Sites”
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One comment on “Fuselage Derailment Update: Precise Incident Coordinates
  1. John Malich says:

    So that’s why my airfares are so expensive!

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