Recent Bomb Threats Against Rite Aid Stores in the United States

SigActs indexed several news articles over the last week about bomb threats being called into Rite Aid stores. While these reports only involved stores in Michigan and Maine, it got us wondering how many Rite Aid stores there are in the U.S., and where they are concentrated.

SigActs News Reporting Involving Rite Aid Bomb Threats

16 May 2014 Bomb threat robbery thwarted at Greenville Rite Aid pharmacy Greenville, Michigan
15 May 2014 Augusta Rite Aid Pharmacy evacuated after bomb threat Augusta, Maine
15 May 2014 Rite Aid bomb threat similar to recent cases Paw Paw, Michigan
14 May 2013 Bomb threats called into North Muskegon Rite Aid store; nothing suspicious located North Muskegon, Michigan
13 May 2014 Report: Bomb threat called into Ludington Rite Aid store Ludington, Michigan

The map below shows the relative intensity of the 4,430 stores we found and plotted in the United States. This macro visualization of Rite Aid’s operations provides interesting insight into where the pharmacy chain is most entrenched, and where their supply chain stretches.

SigActs Intensity Map of Rite Aid Store Locations

SigActs Rite Aid Store Locations

Bomb threats are disruptive criminal events. They cost a store through lack of sales and wasted employee hours during the scare. They also cost the community when emergency personnel are dispatched to an incident. Knowing where these events are happening can be crucial for allocating training resources and helping store managers and staff to be prepared.

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2 comments on “Recent Bomb Threats Against Rite Aid Stores in the United States
  1. John F says:

    A picture is worth a million words, and for managers tracking their personnel, executives tracking revenues/costs, and city/county/state emergency managers tracking events, this is very useful and timely info. As a sidenote, I never realized that Rite Aid didn’t have stores in nearly 40% of America…and nothing in Florida. The geographic spatial orientation offered is amazing.

  2. Ed Merritt says:

    I would hope the FBI is working on this. It sort of helps when you have one jurisdiction working on this as opposed to 50 or 100 different jurisdictions. I wonder how these fools are making the calls. Spoofing service or maybe VoIP?

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